Personalised sportswear - Shop for your team

Personalised sportswear - Shop for your team

If you are a keen sportsman or woman you’ll know that wearing the correct kit can make a difference to how you perform. Let’s look in detail at how it makes you feel to wear the correct garment and even better, if that piece of active wear is personalised.

Many sports are let’s face it energetic & therefore lead to perspiration. And yet running around can make you feel really good as well as enabling greater fitness & flexibility. This can start early on with team sports often taken up at school. But the material of the garment you wear on top is really important - that it’s breathable & light weight in order to stay cool & dry. If it’s a question of what to wear for which sport there is some degree of specialisation.

Personalising your sports garment of choice can be all part of a team spirit whatever the sport. Your local team could opt for a simple left breast design. If you have a logo that’s effective & immediately recognisable. Otherwise the simplicity of using letters can do the job of being immediately identifiable. If a position on the court or pitch is important, say with football, netball, hockey or rugby then it’s possible to design & thereby identify it is on both the front & back of the garment. Alternatively a big simple number or two can be most effective.

Additionally design your own sports garments come into their own with club membership. It’s great to have the option for team members to purchase their garment of choice for the sport involved. Take traditional sports like football, rugby, tennis or golf, some players prefer polyester as their personalised garment of choice with its lighter feel.

In this context it’s often whether to go for a round neck or a warmer long sleeved sports shirt. There’s a more trendy look by choosing a coloured contrast sport shirt short or the more traditional polo shirt, often good for matches. Of course if you get really hot taking part in summer sports, tank tops are a good choice.

What can also look really smart is a personalised cotton polo shirt for sport. They come in a variety of colours and are made of cotton so slightly heavier to wear than the polyester. The personalisation is embroidered as opposed to printed and again the choice is yours as to where the design is most effective on the garment.

Take snooker for example, the traditional garb for playing this sport professionally is white or black shirts with ties & waistcoats. But this varies now and often the more casual and arguably comfortable polo is chosen instead. Equally when pool & darts are played casually in pubs, the personalised polo can often be the garment of choice.

When things get a little cooler & in fact colder in the winter, one layer of clothing isn’t necessarily sufficient before you get warm playing the sport of your choice. So a personalised hoodie as an overgarment is a good option, zipped or unzipped they are nice & cosy. The premium hoodie is particularly good for keeping warm with an added heavyweight but soft fabric. A design your own softshell jacket does an excellent job too as an overlayer as does the trusty fleece jacket.

So wearing the garments of your choice playing the sports that you enjoy is a no brainer. All the more so if it’s a personalised sports garment. Whether designing your own garment indicates your team position, club identity or is just a fun garment to wear, it’s a great addition to your sporting wardrobe!

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